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An incredibly versatile plugin, designed to offer a wide variety of options for players in search of the perfect clean and edge-of-break-up tones. It is hard to think of many artists that have been able to achieve what Vulfpeck has. The perfect combination of insane talent, fantastic music, and branding genius has taken them from their DIY roots to amassing an internationally revered cult-like fanbase, selling out Madison Square Garden. In that, Cory Wong has become a modern guitar hero, known for his unique playing style and perfect tone.

Cory?s uncompromising standards and borderline unrealistic expectations for perfection provided the challenge we were after. The result is unlike anything we have done before: an incredibly versatile plugin, designed to offer a wide variety of options for players in search of the perfect clean and edge-of-break-up tones. We proudly present you, Archetype: Cory Wong


D.I. Funk Console
Based on an analog channel strip, the D.I Funk Console allows you to recreate the classic ?bubble tone?. Featuring Tube Saturation, a powerful Compressor, selectable frequencies on the EQ section, and High Pass and Low Pass filters for ultimate control. The D.I. Funk Console works great without a cabinet! Bypass it to add some vintage color to your D.I. signal.

The Clean Machine
An amalgamation of the best clean amps in the industry, this amp was customized to Cory?s needs, adding a bigger range of control and versatility. The result delivers crisp, clean tones with a beautifully warm top end.

The Amp Snob
A model of one of the rarest amplifiers in history, the Amp Snob is incredibly versatile: At lower gain settings you can achieve crystal clear clean tones. Crank the gain and master volume controls for the iconic edge of breakup tone. The tube power amp will soften high transients and round up the sound of boosters, complimented with a great bottom end and dynamic response.

We meticulously crafted the exact sweep Cory wanted in a wah pedal. By mapping a MIDI controllable expression pedal, you can quickly set the plugin to learn the range of your pedal giving you full control of the sweep. If you don?t have an expression pedal, enable auto-wah for endless whacca-whacca fun!

Featuring a collection of Cory?s favourite pedals, these virtual models will give you everything from out-and-out funk tones to beautiful tube amp saturation.
The Postal Service: A complex envelope filter with a simple user interface.
The 4th Position Compressor: Cory?s signature sound; giving you all the squish and punchiness a modern compressor should.
The Tuber: A modded classic; a booster loved by tube amp fanatics.
The Big Rig Overdrive: A heavy and powerful overdrive pedal that pushes saturation to the beginnings of fuzz.

Time Effects
The time section includes two powerful pedals:
Delay-y-y: Designed based on analog circuits, this BBD delay engine will give you an incredibly warm tone and beautiful repetitions.
The Wash: A powerful reverb stompbox with a Shimmer switch to immerse yourself in a dreamy atmosphere.

Ideal for detailed spectrum adjustment, the onboard 9-band graphic equalizer allows for total control over frequency response.

We engineered a very comprehensive and adaptive cabinet simulation module featuring six virtual microphones, which can be positioned around the speakers. The cabsim features 108 IRs per cab for a total of 324 IRs captured by Adam ?Nolly? Getgood. This module can also serve as a standard loader for your favorite impulse response files. These features can be used on both mono and stereo configurations; the latter allows for a second microphone to be added with full panning, microphone level, and phase parameters in addition to position and distance, for ultimate control and endless sonic possibilities.


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